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1. Leading Multi- Generational Teams | Age Pioneers Action Panel Report

Download the Executive Summary from the Action Panel

Download the Executive Summary from Session 1 of the Age Pioneers Action Panel

Below is an excerpt from the Executive Summary following the discussion and debate on the issues around multigenerational teams and an ageing population. Download the full summary HERE.

On average, a child born today in the western world will live to 103. In the last century, we have added 30 healthy years to life and, looking forward, within the UK and US economies, our working age population is shrinking by 25% as we have the lowest birth records in history, and our over-60s population is growing by 40%.

We need to work together to figure out how to add ten years to working life and make it normal to be working into our mid-seventies. Given that by 2024, 1 in 2 of the working age population will be over 50, we will have five generations working alongside each other in the workplace.

We need to adapt quickly to this changing landscape and upskill our leaders to better serve our employees. Our actions as employers have a profound effect on the lives of the people we employ, not just in the workplace.

Please note that there is a complete thought leadership piece highlighting all of the outcomes of the discussion, however it is only available to all live attendees.

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