Age Data Diagnostic

Analyse your HRMI data to provide actionable
recommendations, including an age strategy plan.

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What is An Age Data Diagnostic?

A collaborative consultancy service, brought to you from the age-inclusion experts at 55/Redefined, an Age Data Diagnostic brings together your workforce data and our unique understanding of the over-50s workforce. We can compare and contrast your data with industry benchmarks and best practice, to give a provide actionable insights to build a foundation for your age strategy.

How Does a DEI Age Data Diagnostic Work?

  • We analyse existing workforce/HRMI and other age data points (such as engagement survey data or EVP documentation), to provide a series of actionable insights.
  • Our age data analysis and reporting addresses a range of cross-functional HR topics from DEI, resourcing, attraction, total reward, learning and development and employee experience.
  • Data is aggregated and anonymised to protect confidentiality.
  • In addition to using your data sets, we also utilise industry benchmark data. The process typically takes four to six weeks to collate, analyse and present the data. This is presented in one or two workshops with key senior stakeholders.
  • As part of the workshops, we also provide an Age-Inclusion Insight presentation, to ensure that your senior stakeholders are educated on the topic of age, longevity and impact on talent shortages and teams through a DEI diversity lens.
  • From these workshops, we arrive at a cross-functional action plan.
  • Age Data Diagnostic outputs are: insights report, Age Strategy Action plan and an Age Insight Presentation.
  • These insights and recommendations help you to create a bespoke age strategy which puts your age ambition, your people and culture and your desired business outcomes at its core.
How much the working age population is shrinking in the UK and US.
of employers think it is important to retain employees aged over 50, with 32% of those saying it is very important.
of HR leaders agree that DEI is important to overall business strategy.

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The importance of recognising, celebrating and retaining older workers is becoming ever more important to the ESG diversity agenda.

  • An Age Data Diagnostic delivers a deep understanding and insight into the demography of your business.
  • An Age Data Diagnostic mitigates against reputational and financial risk. Without an understanding of age data and over-50s employee experience, there is no line of defence when it comes to age discrimination claims – this solution helps identify and understand any potential flashpoints or hotspots.
  • An Age Data Diagnostic helps diagnose the current state of your business, and pinpoint potential talent shortages, succession challenges or cliff-edges within individual business lines or teams.
  • It’s not just data. As part of the workshop sessions, we collaboratively develop an overarching age strategy and vision – highlighting tangible actions and steps to bridge the gap from current state, to the future vision.
  • It provides an understanding of age through an intersectional lens – which is typically a neglected data perspective.

Backed by Data and Research From Around The World

We know that companies don't typically report age demographics as standard within their HRMI/DEI diversity reporting. Undertaking this using our proprietary methodology and benchmarking enables clients to clearly identify areas of potential challenge and skills gaps and to truly understand the experience of over-50s workers.

Some of the world’s biggest organisations have trusted us to deploy our Age Data Diagnostic, giving our customers access to DEI diversity benchmarking data that is simply unavailable elsewhere. See what it could do for you.

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