2023 Returner Survey

Back To Businessship

The survey was conducted between March and June 2022 120 respondents from the Back2Businessship alumni - 2023 cohort and via the weekly newsletter

The objective was to analyse and understand the perception of women returners regarding their experience of going back to work .

The sample was self -selected among people who considered themselves returners *

For this study, we only distributed the survey to women returners and we defined the “extended career break” as 3+ years. Some of the respondents have already returned to work, some are currently looking for a job.

Two separate questionnaires were used, each consisting of 24 closed questions , including multiple choice, rating scales, checklists and rank orders, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the respondents' perspectives on returning to work.

The respondents' privacy and confidentiality were maintained throughout the study – the survey was completely anonymous .