Our Story

We deliver solutions that Attract, Engage, Grow and Retain over-50s talent, enabling employers to improve their ESG performance in relation to society’s greatest economic challenge – an ageing population.

A Note From Our CEO Lyndsey Simpson

Age Diversity and Inclusion

We are uniquely positioned in focusing exclusively on a 50+ talent pool and are experts in Age Diversity and the needs of older workers.

We have access to all the relevant ‘age in employment’ research papers, demographic data, and employee statistics to inform your decisions, combining government sources, academic studies, and our original research.

We are able to work in partnership with our 50+ lifestyle membership site enabling incredible synergies for communicating employer brands to passive job seekers.

Work/Redefined is part of the 55/Redefined group.

Ready to Start Your Age-Inclusive Journey?

If you’re looking to get ahead of the age conversations you need to be having, get in touch and speak to one of our Age Diversity Consultants today, to see how we can help transform your DE&I strategy.

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