Unlocking success | Mastering The Art of Passive Candidate Sourcing

Unlocking success | Mastering The Art of Passive Candidate Sourcing


The talent market is, for the foreseeable future, an unpredictable and potentially volatile landscape. As such, the pursuit of the best talent is an ongoing challenge. While active candidates flood job boards and respond to listings, a hidden gem lies in the realm of passive candidates—those content in their current roles but open to new opportunities.

According to recent statistics from Glassdoor, a staggering 85% of the workforce comprises of passive candidates, with 45% willing to engage in discussions about potential job changes. The key to recruitment success, therefore, lies in expanding the talent pool to include this untapped segment.

Understanding passive candidates

A passive candidate is an individual already employed and not actively seeking a new position. The allure of passive candidates is their potential openness to new opportunities, presenting recruiters with a unique challenge and opportunity. Crafting a recruitment strategy tailored to their specific needs is essential for successfully identifying, engaging, and ultimately hiring the best passive candidates.