The booklet of Shut out forced out and overlooked
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Shut Out, Forced Out, Overlooked


55/Redefined and ProAge study reveals over-55s still feel full force of workplace ageism.

Our 55/Redefined members represent a brand new talent pool of passive talent that are keen to add value and bring their life’s experience to work but hard to reach via traditional methods. Alongside our employer branding and job posting content strategy, we can support you with training, accreditation, and assessment support.

In 1998, around one in six people were 65 years and over (15.9%), this increased to one in every five people in 2018 (18.3%) and is projected to reach around one in every four people (24.2%) by 2038. Your workforce is ageing and requires you to change how you attract, engage, and retain older workers.

We believe age diversity makes a better workforce. We offer real solutions to help you achieve that:

    Become an Age Inclusive employer and be part of the movement changing attitudes for the better and challenging age discrimination
    We are a content-driven recruitment partner that can help you present your employer brand with a difference to our professional over-55 marketplace
    Our research and understanding of over 55’s makes us perfectly placed to assist you with 'off the shelf' and bespoke training solutions to drive employee retention and satisfaction

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