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Internal Mobility and the Ageing Workforce

Reed Talent Solutions

Reed Talent Solutions' whitepaper on ‘Internal mobility and the ageing workforce’ examines this complex subject looking at the departure of many older workers from the workplace, to misconceptions and biases around the ageing workforce.

One way of addressing the challenges of an ageing workforce is via internal mobility policies, such as the training and reskilling of new and existing workers, opportunities for people to explore new roles, and flexible working including the chance to reduce someone’s working hours or working days.

These policies have known benefits in terms of retention, career development, reductions in the time taken to hire new workers and increased engagement within the workforce.

To delve into this subject area further, we conducted two surveys to inform our whitepaper, one of 500 senior HR managers from organisations with 1000 employees or more, and a separate survey of 1000 employees over 40 years of age.