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Scrap the CV - Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores

Insightful facts and figures to support the shift towards scraping the CV and selecting for potential.

Tackling the scale of this mismatch will take more than comfort blankets. More than our cosiest defaults. And the most deep-rooted default of all? The CV. It’s time to scrap the CV for good. Because we can’t solve tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions.

If we keep hiring how we always have, clinging onto skills and experience as the signal of true talent, this shortage we’re seeing will only deepen. We’ll be stuck in a world where salaries spiral, and poaching is the only option. It just isn’t sustainable.

But there is an alternative: a better world, built on endless potential, and our ability to see it. And in this report, we’ll explore how we can scrap the CV for good, and start selecting for potential instead.