Report From the Centre for Ageing Better: Too Much Experience
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Too Much Experience

Centre for Ageing Better

This report shares findings on ageism in the recruitment process from the perspective of older workers. It's part of a wider programme of work looking at the recruitment landscape for employers and older jobseekers.

With more of us wanting or needing to work for longer, it's increasingly important for people to be able to move or change jobs as they age.

Widespread job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic make it even more critical that older workers are able to access job opportunities on a fair and equal basis. However, previous research shows that negative older age stereotypes are common both in the workplace and across society more broadly.

Workers aged 50 and over have a wide range of skills, know-how, and experience, but they are all too often shut out by narrow views of their age.

This research was composed of interviews with 55 individuals aged 50 to 69 from a range of different sectors in different regions of England with a recent experience of the recruitment process. The second phase was a nationally representative survey of 1,539 adults.