Quarterly Age Accredited Employers Update Jan 2023 - The Unretirement Uprising
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Quarterly Report - Fighting Ageism (Jan 2023)


This update contains the latest UK and Global research/articles to provide you with up-to-date knowledge of the over 50s, to support your strategic decision making around older workers.

So much has happened at 55Redefined in the last quarter and we take great delight in sharing it with you. First off, our CEO, Lyndsey, went on a trade mission to New York, it went extremely well and we are gearing up to launch in the US by April.

Lyndsey flew back to New York two weeks later to interview and film Richard Branson – the ultimate over 50s Redefiner – who is now our Global face to CEOs about the Mission Critical importance of having an Age Inclusive Strategy. The Global PR around this will be throughout December as it coincides with a HBO 4 part documentary on Richard Branson that will broadcast throughout December in the US & UK.

This interview was a real coup for 55/Redefined and we are thrilled that Richard feels so strongly about our cause. We have already had feedback that this partnership will elevate all organisations working with us as Age Inclusive employers, thus a great message to share with your Board and beyond.

Our latest Barometer report, produced in partnership with Reed Talent Solutions, was also issued this quarter, titled ‘The Unretirement Uprising’. It contains startling statistics, that while alarming, are integral in helping us all drive a better future for older workers. Within section one of this edition of Fighting Ageism, you will find a link to the full report and a breakdown of the key findings. The report was also featured on the 6pm ITV news as the TV exclusive, as well as in multiple newspapers, magazines and on radio.