Corndel's Workplace Training Report 2024


An examination of the evolving workplace culture in UK organisations

Corndel's Workplace Training Report 2024 offers a critical examination of the evolving workplace culture in UK organisations, highlighting the impact of employee and technological shifts on professional development within the workplace. These findings are informed by comprehensive market research conducted with 250 HR decision-makers at large UK businesses (1000+ employees) and 1000 UK employees at UK businesses and various sector focus groups.

As the fastest-growing Apprenticeship provider in the United Kingdom, their third annual research report offers critical insights for HR, L&D, and business leaders, analysing the impact of professional development on the UK workplace. Gathering data from 250 HR decision-makers, 1,000 UK employees, and sector focus groups, they conduct this ongoing research to aid business leaders in strategising and planning for the next 12 months.

This year, their research reveals a growing organisational readiness to meet employee expectations, enhance culture, invest in training, address management issues, and integrate AI seamlessly. These findings point to a year of adaptation and growth for UK businesses, requiring strategic organisational alignment with evolving workforce expectations and technological trends.