Image of our Founder & CEO Lyndsey Simpson in a yellow and blue duo tone style

Golden Years: CA Magazine Interview Lyndsey Simpson

CA Magazine

Lysanne Currie interviews 55/Redefined Founder and CEO Lyndsey Simpson for CA Magazine on the transformational impact that dismantling age-related stereotypes can have on both individuals and businesses.

In this article, Lyndsey challenges age-related stereotypes, advocating for the over-50s in the workforce and highlights the desire of many retirees to continue working, emphasizing the importance of purpose in healthy aging.

“The big thing that cropped up during our conversations with 400 individuals, was that retirement was probably one of the biggest mistakes of their entire lives.”

Lyndsey also addresses misconceptions about older workers' productivity, absenteeism and tech-savviness, all backed up by intriguing findings from a 55/Redefined survey of more than 4,000 over-50s.