Age Pioneers #10: How Age-Inclusive are Application Processes and Online Portals?
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Age Pioneers #10: How Age-Inclusive are Application Processes and Online Portals?

This report highlights the salient points from the session with our guest speakers.

Age Pioneers is an action panel of cross-sector HRDs and heads of D&I. It includes the likes of Bank of Ireland, Unilever, EY, Capita, Dentsu and Boots. We have a core group that attends each month and picks apart a single topic in relation to age inclusion. We use the first 30 minutes to interview our panel on the topic to share their experience and have a Q&A (which is recorded and turned into a published article, as here). For the next hour, the group becomes the panel and debates the topic under Chatham House rules in an unrecorded event to allow peer networking and collaboration.

Recruitment has made great use of the digital revolution, from using exclusively online application processes to analysing candidates’ submissions with applicant tracking software. But does this digital-first shift discriminate against older workers? Age Pioneers’ webinar in May explored whether application processes and online portals are age friendly.

How Age-Inclusive are Application Processes and Online Portals?

Joining Lyndsey Simpson, 55/Redefined’s founder and CEO, our guest speakers were:

Gina Poole, Head of Workplace Solutions at 55/Redefined. After a career in financial services, Gina moved into HR and has worked across a broad range of industries advising HR teams around diversity and inclusion, strategy, HR policy, operations, leadership and more. Gina’s role at 55/Redefined is to help clients assess the age-inclusivity of their organisation, from recruitment through to retirement planning. She is an expert in the conscious and unconscious biases that occur within the recruitment process.