Age Pioneers #09: Is Your Business Ready for the Unretirement Uprising?
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Age Pioneers #09: Is Your Business Ready for the Unretirement Uprising?

This report highlights the salient points from the session with our guest speakers.

Age Pioneers is an Action Panel of cross-sector HRDs and Heads of D&I. It includes the likes of Bank of Ireland, Unilever, EY, Capita, Dentsu and Boots. We have a core group that attends each month and picks apart a single topic in relation to age inclusion. We use the first 30 mins to interview our panel on the topic to share their experience and have a Q&A (which is recorded and turned into a published article, as here). The next hour the group becomes the panel and debates the topic under Chatham House rules in an unrecorded event to allow peer networking and collaboration.

April’s webinar examined how the Spring Budget responded to the themes raised by 55/Redefined’s report, published late 2022, The Unretirement Uprising – The Retirement Rebellion that Could Save Our Workplaces.

Is Your Business Ready for the Unretirement Uprising?

Will the Spring Budget Improve the Prospects for Over-50s Workers and Help Employers Plan for the Future?

Joining Lyndsey Simpson, 55/Redefined's founder and CEO, our guest speakers were:

Sabine Tyldesley, Associate Director at SEC Newgate, a global strategic communications organisation. Sabine is an expert on UK government and public affairs, and has significant expertise in relation to employers and over-50s workers. “We work with organisations to get their message heard by the right audience. One aspect is helping organisations engage with Government and share their frontline experience to improve regulations and policies.”

Adele Aitchison, Founder and CEO of GrandNanny, a new childcare service that supports midlife and older neighbours to find childcare jobs with local families, and create age-integrated communities. “It’s really about unlocking the power and the experience of midlife and older childcare to help solve the UK childcare crisis. We recruit, train, promote, match and handle all the employment administration around those individuals and the families they work with.”