Over-50s Job Board Packages

Jobs/Redefined matches forward-thinking companies with experienced Jobseekers. Access an Untapped Pool of Talented Over-50s

Successfully Recruit Professional Over-50s and Future Proof The Workforce

With our sole focus on our demographic of affluent over-50s, we provide a unique opportunity to target this important segment for employer recruitment campaigns. We are a content-driven recruitment partner that can help you present your employer brand and difference to our audience.

As digital targeting of the affluent and professional over-50s audience is hugely underinvested; we are best placed to deliver strong results and reach previously untapped talent pools.

Our social reach via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube is a core part of our offering to enable high levels of engagement and interaction. Tailored emails to our members are targeted to their interests and preferences to enable us to get the right members engaged with your employer brand and opportunities.

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