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We are uniquely positioned in focusing exclusively on a 50+ talent pool and are experts in Age Diversity and the needs of older workers

Consulting Package

Many of our services are bespoke to your company size and specific needs. Please see below our more standardised solutions and rate cards that enable you to build a package to suit your needs.

Our portfolio of products and services provides a comprehensive strategic foundation and a clear set of actions.

These include:

• Gathering input from a cross functional HR team spanning: D, E & I; resourcing; reward; policy; L&D & HR ops

• Expert input from 55/Redefined to inform on the topic of age diversity and the needs of this demographic

• 12 months’ access to HR DataHub’s D&I Index Becoming an Age Inclusive Employer

• Age Aware Accreditation to become an age Inclusive Employer

Via a series of interventions, the output of this project is to have a:

• Completed Age Diversity Diagnostic

• Clear vision for what Age Inclusivity means for your organisation

• Cross-functional action plan that supports you becoming an Age Inclusive Employer

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