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What do you Gain?

  • You will receive a detailed R/AGE™ Readiness Report directly to your inbox upon completion, with an overall age inclusion score out of 100 - this is unique to your organisation and completely confidential
  • Actionable areas for improvement and ways to more fully embed age inclusion within your organisation
  • When paired with a complimentary coaching session from one of our Age Inclusive Consultants, we can create a short-term action plan and recommendations to embed age inclusion into your organisation

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What do we do?

55/Redefined works on behalf of carefully selected companies that are Age-Inclusive employers and genuinely looking for candidates over 50. By entering your details, you agree to be contacted by Jobs/Redefined on behalf of 55/Redefined by email, to receive information on this role.

We work on behalf of companies looking for over-50s candidates and we will be in touch to share open vacancies you might be interested in. The jobs are advertised on our job board, at

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