These questions are designed to explore how effectively your talent attraction strategy and initiatives are tailored to the over-50s.

We advertise roles on an age-diverse job board
We have an application process tailored specifically to over-50s candidates
We ensure that the imagery and language on our career pages, candidate materials and job descriptions is age-inclusive
We specifically consider flexible working policies through the lens of an over-50s worker
We track and report against age at each stage of the recruitment process
We have trained recruiters (in-house or outsourced) in age inclusion


These questions are designed to explore how effectively your learning, development and training programmes are tailored to the over-50s.

We have reskilling programmes available for over-50s to pivot roles or move internally
We have delivered/have plans to deliver age inclusion or multigenerational teams training to our employees
We regularly promote and communicate learning and development opportunities to our over-50s employees, and monitor attendance levels
We undertake regular skills audits and have experience/plans to create new programmes to hire and train over-50s with little or no prior experience
We have an active reverse mentoring programme
We actively encourage our employees to engage in lifelong non-work learning activities e.g. learning a language or studying nutrition
We ensure that our leaders have effective career conversations with over-50s employees


These questions are designed to explore how effectively your talent engagement and retention initiatives are tailored to the over-50s.

We have an engaged employee resource group focused on age
We regularly capture sentiment and engagement data from our over-50s employees, and consider any age-related trends
We have implemented carers and grandparents leave policies and monitor the take-up from our over-50s employees
We want to understand our over-50s employees and we are proactive in asking them what they want and how we can best support them with their careers
We offer mid-life health, wellbeing, and support options to over-50s employees (for all genders)
We offer career transition support to employees in midlife and into retirement
We regularly analyse and evaluate our workforce data from an age and intersectionality perspective


These questions are designed to explore your ambition in relation to the over-50s.

We are an attractive employer for workers in their 50s, 60s and beyond
Our culture celebrates age diversity and does not feel ageist
We track and measure age-related workforce trends
We have clear and visible role models for over-50s employees within the business (at different levels of the organisation)
We have a clear and well-communicated age strategy as a pillar within our DEI plans
We are regularly considering the impacts of an ageing population on our workforce and our consumers/clients as part of our long-term strategy
Our leadership team is engaged on the topic of age